BDZ announces procedure for renting electric locomotives

BDZ - Passengers Ltd. announces a procedure for rental of 5 electric highway locomotives, with an option for 5 additional locomotives, for a period of 24 months and a possibility for extension by 12 months.

It is planned that each locomotive will travel at least 250 thousand km per year. In the event of a technical malfunction or other reason that impedes the use of the locomotive in motion, the malfunctioning rolling stock will be replaced by another.

The estimated value of the contract is BGN 25 688 200 excluding VAT and according to the requirements of the Public Procurement Law, it covers its execution in full / for 10 locomotives over a period of 36 months /, including the provision of complete technical support, repair and insurance, as well as the performance training of train drivers and locomotive personnel.

The main criteria, for selecting a contractor, is to provide the lowest price for the estimated minimum annual mileage.

The need to hire locomotives is a medium-term measure to ensure reliable rolling stock for the execution of the train timetable.

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